The Kiss (Beastly Soundtrack) – Marcelo Zarvos


“The Kiss (Beastly Soundtrack) – Marcelo Zarvos (Piano Transcription)”: Late intermediate piano transcription of Marcelo Zarvos’s evocative piece from the Beastly soundtrack, transcribed by Aldy Santos.


“The Kiss (Beastly Soundtrack) – Marcelo Zarvos (Piano Transcription)” is a late intermediate-level piano transcription, transcribed by Aldy Santos. This sheet music captures the tender and melodic essence of Marcelo Zarvos’s piece “The Kiss” from the Beastly soundtrack, providing a beautifully expressive and nuanced transcription for pianists. Perfect for those looking to perform a moving and cinematic composition. Ideal for practice, recitals, and personal enjoyment.


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