Aldy (Alberto Santos) also known as aldy32 on YouTube


Aldy (Alberto Santos), known on YouTube as aldy32, is a dedicated classical pianist from Montreal with Filipino roots. Starting his musical journey at 12, Aldy has become a versatile musician, active in Montreal as a piano accompanist and music director.

Aldy’s expertise spans classical, pop, rock, jazz, and cultural music. Beyond performing, he arranges, transcribes, records, mixes, masters, and creates backing tracks for singers. He has collaborated with prominent choirs such as the McGill Choral Society, Mountainside United Church, Women Making Music, Ensemble Choral Saint-Eustache, the German Choir, Musika Mississauga Children’s Chorus, and The Study Senior Choir.

After graduating from Marianopolis College and earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University, Aldy built a thriving career, sharing his piano arrangements and performances globally through his YouTube channel. His passion lies in classical music, particularly the works of Maurice Ravel, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Claude Debussy, and Gabriel Fauré, with his interpretations of impressionist music celebrated for their sensitivity and emotional depth.

A decade with the Blacksmith Band provided Aldy with experience in various musical styles and arranging music using chord charts and lead sheets. He also developed a personal interest in piano tuning, learning independently and now offering basic tuning services.

Passionate about teaching, Aldy offers one-on-one piano lessons, connecting with students by aligning with their musical interests and emphasizing personal meaning in music. His own story of discovering classical music after childhood struggles with finding musical interest serves as inspiration.

Aldy’s exceptional sight-reading skills have been honed through extensive collaboration with musicians, singers, and choirs. Despite a busy schedule, he finds immense joy in making music and considers himself fortunate to be in his current position.